Wedding Reception Ideas – Hosting a Tea Party Will Be Elegant and Impressive

Looking for wedding reception ideas that will not break your pocket book? Hosting a tea party can suit any wedding reception budget. An afternoon tea party would be scheduled between one and three in the afternoon. High tea, of course would be between five and seven in the afternoon.

Now before you stick you nose up at having an old fashioned tea party for a wedding reception, I think there are several things that you really should consider.

First, tea party wedding receptions are quickly becoming popular for many reasons. Not only can they be indulgent, but, they can fit any budget. And I have a few suggestions up my sleeve that can help you save even more. And in this economy, who could not use a few more dollars toward a honeymoon or house payment?

The modern day tea party can include a tea bar with a variety of hot and cold teas and even tea cocktails. Have friends that are loose leaf tea snobs? Encourage them to bring their own tea and enough to share with and introduce their favorite tea with others, if they would like.

Want to serve alcohol but have a limited budget? Have a Royal tea and serve champagne.

Of course, the food, the decorations, the wedding cake and the favors are the big cost concerns for any wedding. This is where a tea party wedding reception can appear elegant and sophisticated and look like you spent a fortune, when you did it within your budget.

More wedding reception ideas, hosting a tea party will be elegant and impressive.

Take a look at the wedding finger food reception ideas. Think of planning a menu of small finger foods that are easy to pick up, that go with the time of year and time of day you are having the reception. Keep the foods bite size so there is little chance of a mess.

Scones, tea sandwiches, tartlets, mini quiches, eclairs, petit fours are foods we do not eat everyday and when you add the extra special touches such as lemon curd, Devonshire cream, fruit based jams and spreads it is the perfect touch for pure indulgence for your guests.

It is really important to carry the theme and stick with the colors for the wedding reception. This is very easy to do in a cost effective manner when hosting a tea party wedding reception.

I utilize the three tier afternoon tea party server to carry the colors throughout the room. It can be the centerpieces on the tables, replacing the flowers and serving as the wedding cake.

That is a tall order, but I will tell you, that it works and not only is it absolutely beautiful, it can save you lots of money.

Utilizing the three tiered afternoon tea party server, place cup cakes, each decorated with a beautiful flower and color from the bridal bouquet. Strategically, place these on the bride and grooms table. This will be the flower arrangement, center pieces and wedding cake.

On each of the guests tables, use the three tiered afternoon tea party server to serve scones and sandwiches on the bottom level. On the middle tier serve the cup cakes with the flowers (wedding cake and flowers). The top level serves cookies, petit fours, eclairs, and candies.

Paying attention to small details such as taking time to add extra touches, such as menu cards will be appreciated by your guests.

I do not want to leave you without giving you some suggestions for favors for your guests. In keeping with your budget, I have a few suggestions you will be quite happy with, I am sure. Consider having tea tins made up with the happy couples names and date of marriage. You could even fill the tins with a special blended tea created and named after the happy couple. Also a nice idea is a miniature tea cup with the bride and grooms name on it.

As you are looking for wedding reception ideas consider hosting a tea party. You will find it to be an elegant and impressive event and most important, you can do it on a budget.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

The reception is something that the bride and the groom and relatives always worry about. This party element of the wedding and the after ceremony merriment when the Father would announce the couple as Man and Wife. This is the time to relax and enjoy the music, the toast raising speech, funny things by friends and jokes by all regarding the couple and other such things. But this is the most terrific headache for the wedding couple and their relatives because they take every measure to make the reception perfect and unique in all ways. Let us discuss some unique reception ideas to help you get rid of the tensions that you are undergoing.

Wedding reception centerpiece

This is the something that most wedding planers give more interest and attention to. The centerpiece along with the food, the decoration, the fine wine and the colorful ambiance always give a pleasant feeling to all guests and the wedding couple. To make the reception a grand and elaborate affair, you would off course need to get the perfect and unique centerpieces. This is the first tip of the unique wedding reception ideas that you should remember.

Style and Decor for Comfortable Party

The reception must in all ways be comfortable and include favors that coordinate with the guests and provide a pleasant atmosphere for all. Look at the style and decor of the ceremony. The decoration has lot to do with the mental feeling of the couple and also the locations. The wedding ceremonies decoration makes elaborate statement to guests and tells them how much the host party cares for them.

Check the Catering Services and Wine

While keeping in mind the unique reception ideas don’t forget the catering service and the menu of your wedding. The wedding reception has to be a blast for all with the finest menus and wines for the guest to dine with. It must be something that they remember in days to come. For that off course you have to work little hard in finding the best catering service that comes in affordable price and that is possible in your way with the help of internet.

The wedding planner too can help you with some unique wedding reception ideas while you discuss the plan with them. They are professional people and exactly know what it means to have an extravagant, elaborate and special reception. They can provide you better ideas and you can also share your ideas with them and the formal discussion and ideas would land you people to some position where you can really have a perfect reception.

Lounge Areas and Dance Floors and Other Features

While planning your reception with the wedding planner don’t forget the lounge areas and the dance floors. They are unique part of wedding reception. And if you have chosen some wedding singers to perform during the wedding, you need to provide him the selective numbers that he or she should croon. And try to add elements in the reception like candy bars, cigar bars and other such items, which would really make the reception a unique affair.

Afternoon Wedding Reception Ideas in Winter

There are many wedding reception ideas especially if the reception is scheduled in the winter afternoon. Although it may not be something exceptionally different, you need to consider the venue, menu and the décor. Otherwise most things remain the same. You could very well include dance and music even in the afternoon.

Ideas for an afternoon wedding reception-

  • The ideal time for an afternoon wedding reception would be anytime from 2-5pm. You could add a lot of sophistication and style in this.
  • The venue could be a home garden or a local park depending on the number of guests. Preferably it could be arranged outdoors as it is the afternoon time. Whether outdoors or indoors would really depend on the area you stay in and the weather conditions. However, if the weather on a winter afternoon is cool and pleasant, it is fine to keep it outdoors.
  • You could arrange for a tea party in the afternoon. Every time a reception meal need not be an elaborate one. The time of the day should also be considered.
  • Afternoon is an ideal time for tea and snacks. You could have some sandwiches and cookies along with some other finger snacks.
  • You could arrange for 2-3 different flavors of tea and coffee. This will create a variety and would not look like you only served tea for your reception.
  • You can add a Victorian touch to this theme and make this reception an elegant tea party of that era. Hence, a garden or a historical place is perfect for an afternoon wedding reception.
  • You could have plenty of variety in your tea. You could have 2-3 types of herbal tea. One flavor could have ginger, basil and lemon grass. The other could contain lemon and mint leaves. These flavors taste very good and are absolutely healthy especially in winters. The usual black tea could also be an option.
  • Instead of a big cake, you could have 3 tiered small cupcakes for each guest. You could design and decorate it uniquely. Arrange some finger snacks with cheese dips and veggie sandwiches.
  • Use all the winter flowers including dry branches for the decoration and flower arrangement. You could have small vases with fresh flowers as centerpieces.
  • You could arrange for waiters to move around the tea and finger snacks with dip. You could arrange a buffet for the rest of the snacks. You could also serve small desserts and scones.
  • It could be difficult to find fresh flowers at a reasonable price in winters especially if you stay in heavily snow capped places. You could use floating candles in glass as a centerpiece or you could make use of dry branches of some particular trees and paint them. Arranging these thin tall painted benches in a big vase adds a lot to the décor.
  • You can use some silk and satin fabric in the décor. It adds some kind of warmth to the cold winter.
  • If you do not prefer to dance in the afternoon, you could arrange for some sporty outdoor activities like skiing for your guests. Also, it is a good idea to let people indulge in healthy conversation apart from dancing. If you have kids attending the wedding you could arrange some games for them.

Planning a wedding is quite a task and attention should be paid to every minute detail. Use your own creativity and imagination to come up with some exclusive wedding reception ideas. Make sure whatever you implement suits your personality.

Looking For Memorable Wedding Reception Ideas? Hosting a Tea Party, Unique and Economical

Memorable wedding reception ideas, which are unique and fit any budget, are hard to find. An afternoon tea party wedding reception is elegant and becoming very popular in these economic times. It gives the bride and groom an opportunity to plan an event within a budget and still appear as if they spent a small fortune.

The secret to making an afternoon tea party wedding reception memorable is paying attention to the subtle details in your planning. Your attention to details will not go unnoticed by your guests. Trust me; this will be an event that your guests will talk about for years to come.

Planning a wedding reception should be fun for the bride and groom and the wedding party. So let’s get started planning this very important event.

The first thing to decide upon is a place to have the reception. This can be a garden room at the arboretum, to a romantic historic estate or in your own back yard or Local Park. Once you have the site identified, then, it is important to identify a theme for the reception.

Looking for Memorable Wedding Reception Ideas? Hosting a Tea Party: Unique and Economical.

Deciding a theme for the reception can be fun. This is when the bride and groom can decide if the wedding reception will be a formal affair or a more casual and whimsical one. The theme will determine the tone for day.

Deciding the decorations for the theme will be your next step. Flowers, the invitations, menu cards and place cards should subtly reflect the theme of your reception. Attention to detail will make this a spectacular event.

There are so many things that a bride to be can do to make this event as special as she wants it to be. Paying attention to the quality of paper that menu cards and place cards are written on makes a difference. Fine linen paper versus plain card stock says two different things. A small flower, a snowflake, a heart on the menu card is a little detail that adds to your theme. These little details add up to a spectacular and memorable event.

The next step is planning the wedding reception menu. Bite sized finger foods such as afternoon tea sandwiches, petite sweet and savory scones, fruit kabobs, are the key to keeping the food easy to handle and mess free.

Remember presentation is the most important thing. Get creative and have the food displayed in an eye appealing way.

Consider having a tea bar. Serve hot and iced teas. Offer a variety of teas, both traditional and herbals, for those concerned about the caffeine.

If you want to be a little more elaborate or are inclined to serve alcohol, tea cocktails, such as Long Island Iced Tea. Of course there is non alcoholic t mock tails that are fun to serve to your guests as well.

For those that prefer a more traditional celebration, champagne, is as an option to toast the bride and groom.

Memorable wedding receptions ideas include giving your guests a keepsake of your special day. When hosting a tea party for a wedding reception, you have so many options for an inexpensive, yet memorable keepsake. Miniature tea cups with the name of the bride and groom and wedding date on it is something that will last forever.