Budget Wedding Reception Ideas – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for budget wedding reception ideas, then there are a lot of questions you should be considering. This article will answer specific questions about saving money on the venue you choose, lowering food and beverage costs for entertaining your guests, and coming up with creative wedding favors that your guests will enjoy but won’t be too expensive. By the time you are finished reading this article you will be able to answer some of the most important questions about keeping your wedding reception costs down.

How Do I Choose a Low Cost Reception Venue?

A fancy banquet hall is not the only option when considering where to host your reception. Consider a creative idea such as an outdoor wedding reception in a beautiful location such as a state park. Our country has some of the most beautiful natural surroundings on the planet, and for the most part it is extremely affordable to enjoy them. Another idea if you prefer an indoor venue would be the meeting room of a local hotel. Typically these rooms are used for business conferences and meetings, but with some creative decoration they can be transformed into a beautiful reception area.

How Do I Lower the Food Costs?

Unless you are planning an ultra-formal wedding and reception, there is no etiquette that requires you to provide a full sit-down meal with fine china and an army of wait-staff providing table service. Your options for lowering costs are very flexible and really depend on exactly how tight your budget is. For a nice catered meal without the huge expense of a sit-down, consider a buffet which will offer a wide variety of choices for your guests. If money is really tight, you might just consider providing cold appetizers and party trays from a grocery store or big box retailer. You don’t have to buy your liquor from the reception venue either. Many reception halls (depending on liquor laws in your state) will allow you to bring the beer, wine, and spirits in from an outside source which will allow you to shop around for discounts.

Do I Need Expensive Wedding Favors?

The most important thing about your wedding favors should be that they are meaningful. If you have the time and a little bit of skill then the easiest way to save money on your favors is by making them yourself. Consider the multitude of options offered by arts and crafts stores – you will find tons of cool fabrics for making homemade gift bags and ribbons to decorate them. You can get custom printed candies, such as M&M’s with a personalized message on them and colors to match your theme.

When looking for budget wedding reception ideas, it is easy to forget that the real point of your reception is to celebrate your special moment with the friends and family who love you. Don’t worry so much about whether you are providing a fancy and elaborate experience for your guests, they will not remember the caviar and chocolate fountain as much as the time they shared with you on your special day.

Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

As far as weddings go, the reception is likely to be the most expensive part of the day. Unless you are spending a huge amount for your dress, (in the range of $20,000) then the wedding reception will certainly be the largest cost you will have. There are so many unique wedding ideas that people come up with, but you have to remember that all of these still have a cost. You will need to feed possibly hundreds of people and depending on how popular you and your soon to be spouse are, maybe even thousands of people.

You never really think of what goes into a wedding reception until you are about to plan and pay for your own. So we will walk you through the basics of wedding reception ideas for controlling the cost and making sure that your guest have a wonderful time.

First we would like to suggest a theme for your wedding reception. You can come up with many creative ways to design your reception around a specific theme. For instance a Hawaiian themed reception would have Hawaiian style foods and table setting. You may even have the caterers dressed in Hawaiian clothing. (We will talk about the wedding reception center piece ideas later so make sure to check back for that.) Sort of like in the movie “The Run Away Bride” with the Hawaiian luau.

So you can set up your wedding reception with any type of decorations that you wish, preferably someone else will do this for you since you will want to make sure you are preparing for the clothing and all of the other things involved in the wedding. Decorations for the wedding can be found easily at party specific stores. Such stores as Party City. You will want to also ask the caterer if this can be provided as part of the fee for the food, many will do this for a little extra and some for no extra cost at all. So make sure to ask in advance.

Rental stores will also be a great resource for your reception for things such as chairs and tables, and the occasional rented helium tank, but that’s if you really have some unique wedding reception ideas.

You can also rent many of the other items that will be needed from the reception hall, if you are using one, or the rental stores will usually have the extra things that you will need as well like a microphone for speech time. If you are hiring a DJ for entertainment this will be already be there.

You don’t want to go to far away from your theme though, or else it may just seem like a normal party. make sure that the events of the reception are geared around the bride and the groom, not just a gathering where you get to pay to feed a bunch of people and entertain them. So you can have a great time with your creative and unique wedding reception ideas. Always remember that it is supposed to be your special day and not a free lunch.

Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas That Are Chic and Cheap

If you’re like any other bride to be, you’re probably thinking of a way to lessen that post wedding reception expense but without sacrificing the quality of the whole experience. Don’t worry there are many cheap wedding reception ideas that won’t break the bank but still look good.

One great chunk of the whole cost of receptions is the location it is going to be held at. Check out a few local establishments in your area to find out which of these offer reception services. You should check every place out to find a perfect offer that won’t sacrifice the quality of the reception experience. These areas should first be reasonably priced but should also be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Another simple alternative to the whole reception scenario would be to have it at home or at the home of relatives. Don’t be fooled though, “simple” doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t do your homework. You’re still going to check out different catering services for the cost of their reception or party packages. By doing this you should be able to get an estimate as to how much you will have to shell out for such a reception. These packages should include the rental and use of tables, cutlery, food services and if possible, waiting services.

If you’re one who enjoys being close to nature, you might want to consider having your reception at a local park or reserve. You should contact the owners if they are privately owned and ask for permission. If the park is a government managed area then you should call your town hall to ask for permission about holding a party. These parks may have rules and regulations you aren’t aware of. These rules may be about the number of allowable people, the volume of the music played or any other requests the managing group may have. The look you can achieve at parks is so natural that this should become the theme of the reception. This could be maintained by having beautiful rose arrangement set up at the canopy being used.

If you enjoy cooking, you might want to take control of the food preparations yourself. You can cook your whole menu earlier and freezing it to prepare it for the reception. You can even make it a family affair by gathering your relatives a day prior to the date of the reception. It will surely be a day of fun for the entire family.

Great ideas include simple recipes such as rolled meats, rosemaried potatoes, decorated salmon dishes, stuffed tomatoes, pastry hors d’oeuvres and bite-sized chocolate cakes or strawberries dipped in chocolate.

If you don’t have time to take on cooking yourself you may want to call in the catering services. Like any other service though, call around to pick out the group which suits your taste and budget.

If you decide to hold your reception at an area that doesn’t have cutlery and other dining items, you might as well rent them from another source. There are many establishments that specifically offer this service. Search your local listings for a great offer.

Your wedding favors may also be composed of food. You can buy chocolate molds that are available at most craft supply shops. You should then buy chocolate, melt it, pour it in the molds and then chill. Seal these chocolates well and then decorate them with pretty bows before the big day comes.

Top Secret Cheap Wedding Reception Ideas

The easy thing about wedding planning is the reception-the only place you can have a wedding reception is a hotel, right? Who needs cheap wedding reception ideas-your decision is made for you.

Wait…that doesn’t sound right. Planning a wedding reception is not that easy, and thank goodness for that! No one wants to have the same wedding reception as everyone else they know, and not everyone wants to spend $30 a plate on hotel food. Using a different type of reception venue can save you money and give your wedding a special flair that is uniquely you. Take a peek at some great cheap wedding reception ideas and throw a great party!

1. If there is a university or college by you, many have parks or halls that they will rent out to the community. Although they may have a list of preferred caterers, most do not require you to use a certain catering company-you can choose your own food or even make your own food for the reception.

2. If you are having an outdoor wedding, see if there is a pavilion nearby-it minimizes you and your guests’ travel time, and prolongs your enjoyment of the outdoors on your wedding day!

3. Check out historical homes in and near your city. Historic homes are usually large and beautifully decorated-whether they are privately owned or owned by the city, you can sometimes rent them for a whole day for a very reasonable rate. It’s also a very unique experience since it’s not a typical wedding or reception venue!

4. Another cheap wedding reception idea is hosting your reception at a community center or other non-profit site, such as a VFW building. Since they are non-profit, the cost to rent it is usually dirt cheap!

Planning a wedding doesn’t always have to be expensive-if you’re creative and willing to do a little bit of research, you can have a gorgeous and cheap reception!